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Our privacy policy is simple. We do not sell your information to others nor do we leave a cookie on your computer. We don’t like that ourselves, so we assume you don’t like it either. (We may use a temporary cookie to keep track of your purchases that is deleted when you exit. We also have contracted with Overture Services, Inc. ("Overture") to monitor certain pages of our Web site only for the purpose of reporting web traffic counts. No personally identifiable data is collected by Inman & Artz Publishers or Overture. ) However, we cannot control what other sites do that are linked with this site, including sites which sell our publications. Review the privacy policy with each site visited.

Conversion Counter Service
Conversion Counter is a value-added service Overture offers to its advertising clients ("Clients") who wish to better understand and manage their website traffic.

Clients may use the information collected by Conversion Counter to adjust their marketing and sales activities or to modify the content on their sites to provide the best possible user experience.

Absence of Personally Identifiable Information
No personally identifiable information is ever collected or maintained in connection with Conversion Counter. This means Conversion Counter never has any information related to your name, telephone number, address, or even your email address. Conversion Counter is a completely anonymous service.

Information Collection
Clients participating in Conversion Counter install a small piece of code called a "pixel tag" (also called a "clear gif" or "web beacon") on their web page(s) to notify Overture when a visitor's browser has loaded the web page(s). The web beacon contains no personally identifiable information; it merely allows Overture to monitor the volume of traffic to the Client's web page(s).

Conversion Counter uses cookies to correlate information received from the pixel tag. These cookies collect only the minimum information needed to correlate this information, such as keywords and link destinations, as well as the normal type of information that is already available to the websites you visit. Like the pixel tags, the cookies are completely anonymous and do not contain or transmit any personally identifiable information.

You may choose set to your browser software to refuse these cookies, however doing so may prevent the sites you visit from optimizing their content to better serve you.

 We have contracted with Overture Services, Inc. ("Overture") to monitor certain pages of our Web site for the purpose of reporting web traffic, statistics, advertisement 'click-throughs', and/or other activities on our site. Where authorized by us, Overture may use cookies, Web beacons, and/or other monitoring technologies to compile anonymous statistics on our Web site visitors. No personally identifiable data is collected by or transferred to Overture."

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