Music Scores                        Audio Files

Music Scores are played back through the Scorch program. Scorch allows you to play back the music scores in real time on their site. It also has some adjustable settings to control playback. The sound quality is dependent on the sound card you have on your own computer. You must first go to the Scorch site to download their score player. Click on the link for download directions.

Recorded Audio Files are played through either Windows Media Player or Real Player. You may already have one or both of these programs installed on your computer. If not, they can be downloaded from their respective websites. Click on the links for download directions.

Scorch Download Directions

Go to Locate the Sibelius Scorch logo on their webpage, then click the download link. A box will appear, with the question, "Do you want to install and run Sibelius Scorch...?" Click Yes. Wait until the box re-appears, then click Yes again. After the download and install is completed, you have the option to register your copy. Note that the standard download is for Internet Explorer. If you are using a different browser you will also need to download the Scorch installer which is available on the same webpage.

Adobe Acrobat Download

Real Player download

Window Media download


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