Two Monologues and One Poetic Drama

Three of Stephen Eridan’s works for the stage, until now only available separately in performing editions, are to be collected in a single volume edition for general readers. I Beg Everyone’s Pardon: The Testament of Francois Villon, The Blasé Way, and Twelve Curves and Turns present a range of thought and feeling extending from medieval France’s greatest poet to contemporary humor, satire and romance. Expected publication date Sept. 2006


Testament of Francois Villon  (Audiobook)

This stage adaptation by Stephen Eridan of the famous poetic monologue of Francois Villon will appear in Audiobook format in 2007. The Audiobook will also include the musical setting for the solo songs on seven of the ballades Villon included in this work. Expected publication date Sept. 2007.                


Twelve Curves and Turns (Orchestrated version) 

This romantic work for the stage by Stephen Eridan, moving and funny by turns, will be presented with a score for a resplendently orchestrated series of musical interludes between each of the “curves and turns”. The music requires three percussionists and is scored for the full variety of percussion instruments, from tuned gongs to tom-toms, maracas to xylophone, and perfectly adapted to the character of each of the acts. This edition will also contain a simpler version for single percussionist. Expected publication date Jan. 2007

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