* Composer and conductor John Stephens (two of whose works have been published by Inman & Artz) is completing work on a commissioned opera based on the famous novel The Devil in the Flesh (Le Diable au Corps) by Raymond Radiguet. The initial performances of the opera are planned by several US opera companies in 2006-2007. An onstage chamber ensemble introduces the acts to create a more intimate atmosphere for the depiction of a tragic love affair between a young soldier’s wife and an even younger man.

* Inman & Artz is now using version 3.1 of Sibelius® music notation program with Kontakt Player Gold sound samples in the creation of the scores and some audio files used in this website. The Sibelius version 3 offers greatly improved sound as well as easier conversion of scores to .wav files.

The Devil in the Flesh (Le Diable au Corps) by Raymond Radiguet

Raymond Radiguet’s astonishingly insightful novel of young love, The Devil in the Flesh, set in Paris during the waning months of the First World War, was written before he reached the age of 20. The story describes the tragic love affair between a teenaged young man with a young woman who first meet while she is engaged to a French soldier at the front. After the young woman marries the soldier, the young man, narrator of the story, meets the young woman again and they begin a love affair. Their affair becomes known and their horrified friends refuse to acknowledge it, even as it proceeds to its tragic conclusion ironically as the War ends.

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