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Twelve Curves and Turns (of Love)  Purchase: $15
Poetic Drama for 2 actors and one actress (and one musician), 70 minutes long with brief musical interludes between episodes.   Request Performance Rights
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The path of love is never smooth, particularly when it takes 12 Curves and Turns, starring a Man and a Woman with a supporting role for the Man’s Inner Voice. (The author wouldn’t dream of revealing a Woman’s inner voice.) Rarely have men and women spoken so eloquently of the longings, aversions, and passions inherent in the comedy and tragedy of romance. The twelve episodes have varying participation and interaction of the three players. A single musician performs simple-to-play interludes on various percussion instruments based on the included score. Suggestions for the players’ stage movements and gestures are also provided for most episodes.

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I       Inspired

“Could it be I took my very first breath
After swimming cool Oblivion’s breadth?”

II      Standing Behind Myself

“A princess steps from a carriage, wafting on air”

III     Animal Life

“At a visionistic degree of cognitive evolution”

IV     Garden

“Wrapped in garb and boots fit to walk around the world”

V      Goddess

“With one hand God gives, with one takes away”

VI      A Closetful of Space

“Is a tear that more revealing when its blinding to the eye?”

VII     Love in the Middle

“The tendrils of the dawn caress my face,
And I notice the bedspread out of place”

VIII    Advancing to the Rear

“How easy a fading feeling turns to observe itself appear”

IX      Climbing Through A Window

“Through a dusty window pane I can see a distant scene”

X       Second Childhood

“Braa, braa, loof, joog, loof, ho hooferalu”

XI      Glow Glow, Glow

“Recall the all-embracing late light show”

XII     Chorus

“As the sound of the universal blast trails through the years”


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