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I Beg Everyone’s Pardon: The Testament of Francois Villon Purchase: $15
Translation, stage adaptation and 7 vocal settings by Stephen Eridan
Monologue for male actor, 90 minutes long
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I Beg Everyone’s Pardon is not only a dramatically effective adaptation of François Villon’s greatest and longest poetic work, but also includes striking (optional) vocal settings of seven ballades. Further increasing the value of this dramatic work, three episodes from Villon’s life and 3 of his greatest ballades not part of the Testament are seamlessly integrated into the text.  The full monologue at 90 plus minutes provides an evening’s worth of entertainment that will linger long in the mind. Very simple set and staging make this a cost effective venture for the performer and company as well. Hear an excerpt  from this work in our Audio section.

Please note that purchase of the book does not confer performance rights. These must be separately negotiated and depend on amateur or professional status, number of performances, and audience size.


Scene.  A modest sized garret, sparsely furnished with a low bed in the far left corner, behind the door to the stairway. Towards the front, a cheap writing desk with papers strewn over it. Two quill pens and an inkwell are on the left hand corner of the table. A chair is nearby. On the right side of the room is the lone window, shuttered and without glass. Underneath the window is a small chest. A man, alone in the room, is lying on the bed under a blanket too short to cover his feet when it's pulled up to his chin as it is now. He tosses fitfully as if feverish or having a bad dream.


The Testament Pt. 1 with
  Song Ballad: Please Have Pity
  Ballad: Debate Between Head and Heart
  Episode 1 – Tale of the Devil’s Fart
  Song Ballad: False Beauty


The Testament Pt. 2 with
  Song Ballad: Father Noah
  Song Ballad: At Daybreak
  Episode 2 – At the Castle of Duke Charles
  Song Ballad: Whether You Trade Indulgences
  Episode 3 – At the Gibbet of Montfaucon
  Song Ballad: So to Devotes and Mendicants
  Song Ballad: This Clause Stands as the End

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